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When it comes to local cleaning services and house cleaners, we are the top-rated referral agency. We understand that you need to work, sleep, enjoy life, and take care of yourself and your family. Our job is to give you more time to do that by taking care of all your house cleaning chores. Plus, we know full well that you have choices among multiple house cleaners and local cleaning services. We’re happy to compete, because we know that by being the best, we’ll win out in the long run.

Our domestic cleaners do thorough, professional work. Our office takes care of all your booking and payment details, as well as scheduling. We screen everyone who works for us and offer you, our customer, an unrivaled guarantee covering quality of work and reliability of the cleaning teams.

Why Hire Us Instead of an Individual Cleaner?

There are dozens of reasons we get the job done better, faster, more efficiently, and for a better price than an individual cleaner. Here’s the short version of what we offer that most individuals can’t or won’t:

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We provide primary and secondary (backup) teams for every job

All our cleaners have to pass a five-step, comprehensive screening (fewer than two percent make the grade!)

We have a fully automated billing and scheduling system

You get a guarantee that the cleaner will show up on time, ready to work

We work every day of the year


You get photos of pre-job and post-job cleaning on vacation rental jobs, as well as detailed damage/supply reports


Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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We are 100 percent confident you’ll love the service you get from the cleaning professionals who do the job. We want you to be happy, and if you’re not, then we’re not. If there’s something you don’t like about the service, tell us and we’ll take care of it. End of story.

Why are we obsessed about your satisfaction? Because in this industry, success depends on reputation. And reputation is based on how well our customers like our services and how often they refer us to others. So, if a cleaning worker dissatisfied your for any reason, we’ll be your agent and set up a re-cleaning to your liking. Plus, we’ll resolve any such issues within 48 hours from the time you notify us.

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Who is Top Maids Clean?
We are the area’s top referral agency for house cleaners and local cleaning services. We do the hiring, training, scheduling, and coordinating so you don’t have to. All you need to do is book a cleaning appointment with us, and we’ll do the rest.
Do your cleaners bring their own equipment and supplies?
All of our individuals and teams bring their own equipment, supplies, and products. You never need to supply anything at all.
How do you assure quality on every job?
Everyone who cleans for us has been fully trained and has experience doing all kinds of home cleaning jobs. Additionally, we offer an iron-clad satisfaction guarantee for your total protection.
How does exchange of keys work?
You can either use a coded lock-box or simply hide a key for the cleaning team. By the way, always remember to keep an extra key on hand for yourself. We don’t hold spare keys for customers.
How far ahead do I need to book an appointment?
We require a 48-hour minimum notice, but are willing to work with you if you have an emergency. Call and ask us if you have a need in less than 48 hours. However, the farther in advance you book, the better. That way, you can virtually make your own cleaning schedule and set exact times for the teams to arrive.