Welcome To Your
Brand New,
Clean Home in

Hassle-Free House Cleaning
For Busy Individuals
and Vacation Rental

Welcome To Your Brand New,
Clean Home in Denver

Hassle-Free House Cleaning For Busy Individuals
and Vacation Rental Hosts

All cleaners are bonded & insured

50,000+ Matched Cleanings

140,000+ Hours Saved

Bring & use green products

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Why Choose
Top Maids Clean?

We only use our own equipment and supplies:

We’ve invested in our business for the long haul. That’s why we own all of our equipment and supplies. That means high-quality work, the best equipment, and top-notch supplies on every job we do. That’s one reason we’re the preferred house cleaning service in Denver.

All payments are 100 percent secure and online:

We use the most secure, state-of-the-art online payment system there is. You never have to worry about the safety and confidentiality of your information when you book and pay via our convenient online process.

You can request specific team members:

Want the same cleaning team for your maid service, deep clean, or routine residential cleaning every time? All you have to do is ask. We can assign a specific team just for you, at your request on any job.

We listen to our customers:

If you have a special request, we listen to you and get the job done. Want the house cleaning team to pay special attention to the attic, basement, garage, or a guest bedroom? Just ask, and we’ll make a note of your preferences.

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Our Patented
Three-Step Process

House cleaning in Denver

You Book

We make it easy to get started. Book online in minutes or just call us directly and an actual person will book the appointment for you.

residential cleaning

We Clean

Our trained teams, with proper ID and in company uniforms, will show up at the appointed time and get the job done. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Maid services in the Denver area

You Relax

Revel in the cleanliness of a bright, fresh home. Invite friends over to see how great your place looks. You can even say you did the cleaning yourself (we won’t tell).

“Marsha and Jean showed up ready to work and got my whole house back to its original, clean look. When I got home from work, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the place looked. They got all the pet hair, too, which was a nice touch. Now, I’m a regular customer. Thanks.” -Jill S., mother of three children and owner of two dogs.

Why NOT To Hire an
Individual Cleaner

Individual, one-person cleaning services might mean well, but they just can’t compete. Here’s how we cover the territory they can’t:

Referred Cleaner


We use a 5-step screening process for new hires.

Our billing and scheduling program is fully automated and easy to use.

Our vacation rental program offers post-project photos and damage reports

We guarantee that our cleaning teams will show up when scheduled.

Our teams work every day of the year, even on major holidays and weekends.


We furnish primary and backup/support teams on every job so you always get coverage.


Professional House Cleaning Services

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House cleaning - Housekeeping


A standard housekeeping service session keeps your home looking wonderful. It’s not a deep clean, but a routine house cleaning that is meant to be an ongoing service for most homes.

deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning

This is the big one. We suggest you do a deep clean the first time you book with us so you know that you’re starting off on the right foot and getting your home as clean as it can be.

Move out / move in cleaning

Move-Out Cleaning

If you’re just moving out or in, this is the session to book. Our teams will do the insides of drawers, cabinets, closets, and all the nooks and crannies that make a difference.

Residential cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Our standard house cleaning, maid service. This residential cleaning session is designed to give the most attention to areas you use most and need frequent cleaning.

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How do I make a cleaning appointment?
When you need the best house cleaning service in Denver, call us directly or book a time on our online calendar page.
What’s the next step after I book an appointment?
You can either choose a particular house cleaner (many of our regular clients have favorites) or let us choose someone to do the cleaning. After that, mark the day on your calendar and be ready for us to arrive.
Are you a pet-friendly service?
Yes, we clean homes where there are multiple pets or just one. Our only requirement is that pets are kept in a protective area away from the home while our teams work. But, yes, we are certainly a pet-friendly cleaning service and use products that will not leave any harmful residue for domesticated animals.
Do your cleaning teams use non-toxic and/or organic products?
We have a full line of non-toxic and organic products, which you are free to request if that is your preference.
Do I need to be home during the cleaning service?
You don’t need to be home during the maid service, deep cleaning, or any of our services. However, we do request that you leave us a working telephone number so we can reach you if necessary. Also, if you won’t be home, we will need specific instructions about all the detailed services you desire.
When do I need a deep cleaning?
For most homes, a deep cleaning is recommended at least once per year. Of course, if you have children, pets, or lots of traffic through your home on a regular basis, it makes sense to do a deep clean two or more times per year.